Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC)

  1. Measurement of total organic carbon in purified water/ water for injectable as per USP XXIII/XXIV and in water for injectable as per European Pharmacopeia/ IP
  2. Monitoring of purification plant by measurement of TOC at various stages of purification.
  3. Cleaning validation
  4. Operating software is 21CFR Part 11 compliance


Automatic Water Level & quality loggers

It can measure level, temperature, PH, DO, ORP, salinity, TDS, water resistivity, ammonia, chloride, nitrate, fluoride, calcium, turbidity, chlorophyll, blue-grey algae, refined oil, Rhodamine WT dye & fluorescein dye. The systems are available with different output options such as SDI-12 & Modbus (RS48I) to enable connection to almost any telemetry device.

For Ground, Surface & Waste water application

Microbial Air Sampler

  • This microbial air sampler has been tested by the British Health Protection Agency and validated according to ISO 14698-1.
  • Sampling rate maintained accurately by speed sensor & flow sensor.


Liquid Particle

ISO 21501 compliance for Small Volume Injectable (SVI), Large Volume Injectable (LVI) & Parenterals.


Airborne Particle Counters Portable and Online

ISO 21501 compliance for monitoring airborne particle counting in aseptic / clean room application.


Texwipe Cleaning Validation Swabs

Autoclavable with Polypropylene handle, head is made up of Polyester.

Torque Tester

  • Table top torque tester for opening and closing torque.
  • Computer controlled torque testers with programmable software for different test application in pharmaceutical,automobile engineering and biomedical industry.
  • Advanced telemetry remote torque measurement

pharmaceutical    automobile    biomedical

Full Automatic IRHD Micro Rubber Hardness Tester

  1. Micro rubber hardness tester to measure International rubber hardness degree (IRHD.M method)
  2. Complying with JIS K 6253, ISO 48 or the like, regarding the hardness of vulcanized rubbers and thermoplastic

Digital & Analogue Durometers

  1. For rubber & plastic Industry
  2. Shore A & D hardness

Continuous Emission Gas Analyzers

A single analyzer can measure up to five components NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2 at high precision. The ratio infrared absorption method ensures highly stable measurements. large LCD screen displays the concentrations of all measured components at the same time.

  1. Measurement of total organic carbon in purified water/ water for injectable as per USP XXIII/XXIV and in water for injectable as per European Pharmacopeia/ IP
  2. Measurement of gas emissions in chemical plants.
  3. Measurement of gas emissions from incinerators and heat treatment furnaces.
  4. Measurement of gas emissions in oil refineries, steelmaking,cement, and other plants.


Universal Testing Machine

  1. Various models to suite industrial requirement of material testing application like tensile, compression,and bending, shear, peel & adhesion. Accessories e.g. extensometer, high & low temperature testing cabinet.
  2. Programmable software interface for various parameters like ultimate tensile strength, yield point, yield/proof stress and break stress along with elongation.

Force Testers & Handheld Gauges

  1. Portable force gauge for variety of application in industries.
  2. Available with different type of load cell and compatible stand up to 50kN.
  3. Best suited for automobile application with computer interface for data logging.
  4. Various capacities of load cell and stand available for applications in steel, textile, pharma, rubber, packaging and medical industries.

Portable Hardness Tester

/ ULTRA SONIC Thickness Gauges & Flaw Detectors

Above testing unit are in compliance with International standards and with rebound and ultrasonic testing principles.

Pendulum Impact

25,300/450 & 750J

Pendulum machines can perform resilience test on plastics, metals & high resistance sheets. Important features are motorized automatic lifting of the hammer after test which is useful in low temperature test.

Static & Dynamic Soil Testing

  1. Triaxial testing m/c specially designed for soil testing for conducting CU/CD triaxial and unconfined Tests
  2. Shear Test : Micro process controlled lever pneumatic, direct/residual shear with automatic data logging confirms to BSI377 & ASTM D3080.
  3. Automatic consolidation & manual consolidation, odometer & california bearing ratio (CBR) system.

Fatigue Testing

  1. To evaluate the fatigue & fracture strength of the material & also SN curves i.e. life study & CTOD.
  2. Structure & component dynamic testing in civil mechanical & automobile application.

Micro Hardness Tester

  1. Table top micro hardness tester for different application with loading from 1 gm. to 2 kg.

Special System

E.g. Tensile stress relaxation, static load anchor testing, torsion testing, fasteners transverse vibration testing, short metal testing for ductility, slow strains rate corrosion testing, bending impact, tensile & torsion for optical cable.

OVA7000 Online Monitoring System

  1. Used in drinking water ,rivers and lakes,wastewater,seawater and industrial effluent.
  2. Continuous monitoring and real time results
  3. Up to 5 metals in one system
  4. Pre treatment options:Eliminates possible interfaces
  5. Telemetry:Integration into process control systems
  6. Excellent corelation with standard laboratory methods

Portable PDV6000 Plus

  1. Multiple metal analysis using software,VAS
  2. Pre-treating with acid and/or external UV can eliminate interfaces
  3. Detection limits below 1ppb depending on sample
  4. Precision +/-5% at 100ppb levels

Portable PDV6000 Plus

  1. BOD check enables in-situ,real time monitoring of Biological Oxygen Demand(BOD) within both natural water systems and water processing plants
  2. Monitor detects fluroscent proteins that are inherent within sewage & slurry and provides an output in BOD equivalent units

Online THM and VOC Monitors

  1. Multisensor 1100 is a VOC and oil in water event monitor.Multisenor 1200 is a VOC concentration monitor
  2. Multisensor 2000 is a Total Trihalomethanes(THMs) Monitor.
  3. Detection limit down to 1ppb
  4. Uses a non-contact and reagent less Measurement Technique